Tim Dalling

"Tim Dalling is that most remarkable of humans, a person prepared to bare his soul to a room full of strangers. That soul is often funny, occasionally heart-breakingly beautiful but always genuine and deeply affecting. His performance at Lau-Land stands out, in a weekend of incredible gigs as one of the best shows I've seen anywhere ever. Life-affirming, moving and impossible to resist, Dalling is a world class songwriter and performer. Carrying the baton from Michael Marra and Ivor Cutler on one side and all the pinpoint emotional control of Paul Simon or John Martin on the other, he is not to be missed. Tim is actually the best, and I've done my research."
Martin Green, Lau

Tim Dalling

Tim Dalling is a unique performer, songwriter and accordionist. His work has ranged from musical and theatrical clowning to serious songwriting for theatre, performance and recording. His style ranges from traditional folk to jazz and music hall and has been described as a cross between Ivor Cutler and Randy Newman. His main job, for years, has been that of the kilted, accordionist fall-guy in The Old Rope and then The New Rope String Band, internationally-famous theatrical and visual comedy folk band. Feeling the need to create more time for new theatrical and musical projects, The New Rope String band did a final farewell tour in 2015.

But while he’s spent most of his musical life making people laugh, he’s been quietly working away at a body of emotional and inspiring songs of his own and song-settings of many different poets. Though originally from Ayr in Scotland, Tim has lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for more than 30 years. It was there he recorded the album ‘Blossom’ with guitarist Ian Carr and bassist Neil Harland in 2002. ‘Blossom’ has garnered a cult following. Chris Wood included it in his top ten albums. So,13 years on, again with Ian and Neil, he has recorded ‘Eve’s Bonie Squad’ a collection of songs that celebrate a joyful and urgent humanity. Tim has recently been performing solo as support on The Unthanks ‘Mount the Air’ Tour and performing ‘Eve’ Bonie Squad’with Ian and Neil at Celtic Connections.

He has always wanted to keep renewing his connection with theatre and is currently working on ‘Gone Cuckoo’ with storyteller Malcolm Green and ‘Aye, Coyote’ his auto-bio-mythical solo show. Later in 2016 he will be performing and writing music again for Northern Stage in James and the Giant Peach.



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